eBusiness Products & Solutions

InfoSend provides a variety of eBusiness products & solutions. There are single-purpose web applications like Email eBilling  (email only) and full blown electronic bill presentment and payment solutions like Online BillPay. Some products and solutions can be used in conjunction with others* to provide your customers with a variety of electronic bill delivery and payment choices.

Advanced Security Features Common to all Products
safe2 All of the following products use an advanced platform architecture that maximizes security. InfoSend's electronic products use a three-tier architecture and all data passed to and from the system is encrypted using SSL. All credit card, debit card, and ACH account numbers are encrypted, and most importantly these products are all PCI compliant. Minimize or eliminate your PCI liability by outsourcing your electronic payment applications to InfoSend. If your organization stores, transmits, or processes credit/debit card numbers you must follow PCI rules.

If you have not already reviewed these rules please see http://www.pcisecuritystandards.org for the latest rules and regulations. Click here to view InfoSend's PCI Certificate.

Online BillPay (EBPP)
  • Full featured biller-direct EBPP solution (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment).
  • InfoSend's flagship eBusiness solution that gives your customers the ultimate flexibility over how to view and pay their bills.
  • Customers self-enroll for Online BillPay and create a username and password to securely access their eBills and make payments.
  • Multiple payment options include checking/savings account (ACH), and credit/debit cards.
  • Payment accounts are stored as a Payment Profile for easy repetitive use.
  • Go Green! Eliminate paper bills and reduce the fuel used to deliver them with paperless billing.
  • Customers can view their eBills and view the account balance before making a payment.
  • Customer-activated AutoPay and other features. Request a full demo of Online BillPay today!

QuickPay (No Enrollment)
  • This product can be used in addition to Online BillPay or as a stand-alone offering.
  • Online payment portal that customers can use to make credit/debit card or ACH payments, depending on preferences.
  • It is not necessary for customers to enroll to use QuickPay. Customers validate their account number by entering it in addition to another identifier that is present on their bill.
  • All payments are initiated immediately. There are no saved Payment Profiles or scheduled payments. Customers view their account balance before making a payment.

Email eBilling
  • Email only offering that sends eBills to customers via email (there is no portal to view prior eBills).
  • This is a partial solution that is normally utilized by clients who already have an online payment system but do not have the ability to email bills to customers.
  • Emails can be sent to addresses that you provide.¬† Additionally, a portal can be provided for the management of enrollment and email preferences.
  • Product includes a styled HTML email template that features your chosen banner image. Bill particulars such as Account Number, Due Date, and Amount due are contained in the email body.
  • Includes a replica of your printed bill design attached as an eBill PDF. If InfoSend is your BillPrint & Mail provider then paperless billing can be provided to your customers.

  • This product can be purchased as an optional addition to one of the above products.
  • This product gives your CSRs the ability to take live payments over the phone or in person.

Integrated Voice Response (IVR)
  • The IVR service can be purchased as an optional addition to the Online BillPay or QuickPay services. Use IVR to automate your inbound balance inquiry and telephone payment calls.
  • The IVR service is provided by one of InfoSend's preferred payment partners.

SMS Text-to-Pay
  • Enrolled EBPP customers may opt in to receive text notifications of new bills, and reply to have the registered payment method drafted for the amount due, speeding up the time to payment.

*Minimum volume requirements apply.