Services & Solutions

InfoSend has provided business process outsourcing (BPO) services since 1996. Since that time InfoSend has provided the processing and handling of critical documents for industries throughout the United States. Utilizing the most current technology, InfoSend offers an innovative approach with flexible and secure solutions for organizations seeking outsourced data processing, printing, mailing, and electronic presentment and payment solutions. Choosing InfoSend as your outsourcing partner will also significantly reduce total overhead costs. Together, we can reach your customers more effectively.

Data Processing & Archiving

Cloud-based data processing of raw data and print files.

  • Data Processing is usually bundled with the Print & Mail service or as a component of an eBusiness solution, but can be provided as a stand-alone service in some circumstances.
  • InfoSend can process both data-only text files (e.g. flat files, XML) and print-output PDF files.
  • Data processing produces final output that is printed and mailed and/or used in one or more of the eBusiness offerings (depending on which services you have contracted for).
  • Transmit data electronically to InfoSend and receive free PDF samples of the final output (if needed) before it is printed or delivered online.
  • Optional archiving services provide the final data processing output to clients in the PDF format.

Print & Mail

BillPrint & Mail: printing and mailing of statements, invoices, and other bills and notices.

  • AdPrint & Mail: printing and mailing of marketing letters, postcards, and Inline Inserts.
  • Direct Communications: one-time print only or print and mail projects.
  • Laser printing of data in grayscale, spot color, or full color.
  • Inserts and special flyers can be used to target specific customers. Submit your printed materials or artwork to be printed by InfoSend in grayscale or color.
  • Quick turn-around of document folding, inserting, presorting, and delivery to the USPS.
  • Optional Exception Processing lets you route specific bills into a separate batch by business rules or data flags. These bills can be individually reviewed and released for printing or canceled.
  • Free yourself from the responsibility of adapting to new USPS rules and technologies.

eBusiness Products and Solutions

Electronic billing and payment related products hosted in the cloud.

  • All Payment-Related eBusiness Products are Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant.
  • Online BillPay (EBPP): is the premier eBusiness solution for organizations that meet the minimum volume requirements. It is a fully featured Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment solution that supports AutoPay and paperless billing.
  • QuickPay (No Enrollment): a cost effective product that provides customers with the ability to make an electronic one-time payment.
  • Email eBilling and Premium Email eBilling: email-only products that send eBills to customers via email (no portal to view prior eBills).
  • CSRPay: enables your customer service staff to take payments over the phone.
  • IVR: InfoSend partners with the premier providers of Interactive Voice Response services in the utility and health care industries.

Shared Platform Benefits

One data processing platform manages the import and handling of your data files. This core system can then output the information to all delivery channels.

  • Bills are produced by one system and printed or presented in PDF format.
  • Upload data via our secure website, FTP with optional PGP encryption, or SFTP.
  • Web-based system to track and view samples of print or eBills before they are sent.
  • A variety of standard reports can be accessed via web portal or emailed.
  • Create and schedule document messages by customer type or account number.
  • Bill design, mailing options, and eBusiness product business rules can be tailored to suit your organization's needs.
  • Simplify your process by partnering with a provider to consult and manage your entire bill formatting and delivery needs.