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Get to Know Us

InfoSend has provided business process outsourcing services since 1996. Since that time InfoSend has provided the processing and handling of critical documents for industries throughout the United States. Utilizing the most current Technology, InfoSend offers an innovative approach with flexible and secure solutions for organizations seeking outsourced data processing, printing, mailing, and electronic presentment and or payment services. Choosing InfoSend as your outsourcing partner will significantly reduce total overhead costs. Together, we can reach your customers more effectively.

InfoSend is a privately held California corporation that delivers hundreds of millions of print/electronic documents per year. InfoSend's core competencies are information technology, document formatting, electronic payments, and document production.  Your unique data is transferred into our database where it can then be output to multiple destination channels – print, web, or telephone. Electronic payments can be initiated over the web or telephone. The Software as a Service (SaaS) approach allows InfoSend to continually refine its products, services and equipment without requiring software installation and maintenance at your site. 

You can use the eBusiness products or the Print & Mail related services as stand-alone offerings or together as integrated customer communications solutions. When both print and electronic documents are outsourced to InfoSend you receive the benefit of having one data processing platform generate all of your outbound communications. Easily customize business rules for processes like paperless billing and automatic payments. Perfect your bill design and electronic bill presentment workflow. Leverage the experience InfoSend has built up from years of working with organizations similar to your own.

Reliable Partner

Integrity is at the core of everything we do. Our goal is to retain each client. From our internal operations to how we serve our valuable clients, we create solutions with an innovative approach that keeps your business's best interests at mind.

We do not have exclusive partnerships with billing software providers or electronic payment processors. This neutral standing allows us to provide you the best possible service at competitive rates. InfoSend is your resource that you can look to for bill production and electronic payment advice.

InfoSend Solutions

We recognize our clients' unique needs by personalizing the way we build solutions for each account. When you purchase separate products and services InfoSend configures each to work harmoniously with the others as a complete solution.

InfoSend does not simply mail out bills and present them online to enable payments. We tailor our offerings to suit client needs in a way that makes InfoSend an extension of both your finance and customer service departments. Our clients often rely on us to build solutions that their own systems may not support. By using our platform you can create a unified look and feel for both print and electronic bills. By using InfoSend's platform clients manage their data with online account management tools and InfoSend's bill design expertise to accomplish a unified look and feel for all billing documents.