Sustainable Strategy

While InfoSend generates output for hundreds of clients nationwide, there is a corporate commitment to continually implement solutions for reducing the environmental footprint while increasing output efficiency. Many clients, especially those in the public sector, look to InfoSend for innovative approaches for customer paper turn-off, paper output reduction and sustainable paper sourcing.

InfoSend has 4 core strategies for helping clients reduce the impact their routine billing has on the environment:

  • Provide Electronic Billing products and evolve their appeal and user friendliness to ensure an ever-increasing adoption rate.
  • Provide Bill and Output Design Consulting, helping clients reveal ways in which the total number of pages per bill, or marketing materials included in the bill, can be reduced without sacrificing clear, strong communication.
  • Optionally provide Sustainably Produced Material Stock, including paper and envelopes.
  • Optionally provide a Non-Profit Tree-Planting solution that clients can market to their customers within the billing channels InfoSend helps manage.
Electronic Billing Products

InfoSend's biggest contribution to the environment is the development, hosting, and maintenance of a suite of billing-related electronic offerings. These solutions are designed to assist with, encourage, or even enforce the turnoff of paper statements, moving customers to electronic interaction with the biller. Highlights include:

  • Outbound/Paperless: ability for client's customers to receive electronic replicas of the existing paper bill and opt-in (or requirement) to go paperless.
  • Inbound/Electronic Payments: ability for a client's customers to pay each bill or enroll for auto draft (AutoPay) online, reducing paper check remittances.

These solutions are designed to be user friendly so that customers of any ability can easily enroll online, ensuring clients a healthy adoption rate. There is not a more efficient solution to reduce strain on the environment caused by billing than to leverage InfoSend's electronic solutions.

Bill and Output Design Consulting

In addition to electronic options, InfoSend provides consulting on how to best design billing statements to reduce the number of pages required. Highlights include:

  • Bill Design: InfoSend's extensive IT capabilities that allow multiple accounts (or utility meters) to be consolidated onto one billing statement as opposed to printing on individual statements.
  • Householding: InfoSend has default workflow to "household" into one envelope all statements destined for one mailing address. Householding reduces both the number of envelopes and inserts that are used, as well as decreases postage costs.
  • Selective Inserting: InfoSend can control through defined conditions which inserts should be used for each account. This allows for targeted marketing or even suppression of return envelopes for customers on an auto draft system.

Sustainably Produced Material Stock

To ensure that printed bills are produced in an environmentally friendly fashion, InfoSend provides two means to reduce footprint:

  • SFI® (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) Certified Paper Envelopes:
  • InfoSend's standard double window #10 and single window #9 envelopes are sustainably produced and are provided without markup. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative ensures materials are sourced from sustainably managed forests.  Please visit for more information.
  • 30% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper Stock:
  • InfoSend also provides the option to use 30% post-consumer recycled stock paper at a slightly higher price than standard paper.